NATO COMMANDER 1983: Official Game Direct Free Download


NATO COMMANDER 1983: Official Game Direct Free Download

NATO Commander is a methodology computer game planned by Sid Meier for the Atari 8-cycle family and distributed in 1983 by MicroProse. Ports to the Apple II, and Commodore 64 were delivered the next year. 

The player plays the part of the Supreme Allied Commander of NATO powers in Europe as they react to a gigantic Warsaw Pact assault. The objective is to slow their progress and deliver setbacks, wanting to drive a discretionary finish to the battle before West Germany is overwhelmed. 

A similar game motor was likewise utilized as the reason for Conflict in Vietnam, Crusade in Europe and Decision in the Desert.


The situation includes a Cold War Soviet attack of West Germany. The player is given operational control of NATO land armed forces, while the PC controls the Soviets, and must repulse the attack by sending his powers geologically and picking their hostile or cautious roles.[2] As the fight advances, both operational and political elements impact the result. NATO may lose or win back urban communities and region; as indicated by the situation picked the player had the choice to choose to fight off the Warsaw Pact invasion by countercharging head-on, purchasing time for space anticipating a political arrangement, or mounting a counteroffensive. 
The game’s interface has solid likenesses to the fundamental Eastern Front in the manner the guide is shown and different requests are given to the units. In any case, NATO Commander happens continuously, with one moment of time speaking to 5 minutes passing in the game. It additionally has more unit types including shield and infantry, reinforced infantry (generally for surveillance), airborne soldiers and flying corps and helicopters. The last are valuable for assaulting Soviet units that are separated or encircled, which shields them from surface-to-air rockets from the Soviet side of the guide. Another significant change is the shrouded development framework, which just shows Soviet units that are noticeable to the unified units. Flying corps can be utilized for air predominance, ground assault or as an observation power to help uncover the shrouded Soviet powers. 
The game has an assortment of situations, every one bigger than the last. The first is essentially a restricted experience on the front, while the following incorporate a counterattack around the Hannover-Hamburg hub, anticipating the French Army’s preparation or the Italian Army’s choice to enter the brawl or not.[2] Tactical atomic weapons and substance weapons are accessible to the two sides yet their utilization regularly conveyed weighty picture punishments and could start an escalation.[2] In the end, either the player or the Soviets give up, in light of how much land and battle prepared powers remain.
NATO COMMANDER 1983: Official Game Direct Free Download

NATO COMMANDER 1983: Official Game Direct Free Download

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