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Reflec Beat’s gameplay consists of touching circular “Objects” as they reach the judgement area. There are two sets of judgement areas, one for each player and colour-coded red and blue.[2] Usually the second player is computer controlled, but can be human controlled using linked arcade machines, or a single iPad with the iOS versions.

After the player selected a song, Reflec Beat will automatically find an opponent who is playing the same song. If no opponents were found, it will automatically start the computer-controlled mode.

Players are scored on the timing with which they hit the Objects; in increasing order of accuracy and score, timing can be marked as Good→Great→Just. On the contrary, players lose points if they miss an Object. Bonuses are given for a Full Combo (hitting all the Objects) or completing the song with up to 2 misses.[3]

As the players hit Objects with Just timing, the Just Reflec gauge fills up. Once one of the segments has been filled, the player can touch and flick an Object with the Just timing, and it will be reflected at the opponent. A Just Reflec gives bonus points to the user and a greater score penalty if the opponent misses it.

Typically, a song is considered passed if a player achieves 70% overall accuracy on it. Other selectable victory conditions also exist, such as completing the entire song with a life gauge which decreases with missed Objects (similar to Dance Dance Revolution’s life bar) or causing a gauge to rise above a certain level by the end of the song (like the Beatmania series’ Groove Gauge).

The songs are in 3 different hardness levels: Easy, Medium, or Hard. In Reflec Beat Limelight, higher hardness levels will be presented.

The note types are as follows:


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