RDS:The Official Drift Video Game Free Direrct Download



RDS – The Official Drift Videogame is the licensed version of the Russian Drift Series in the Cyper Sport world!

Become a member of professional drift competitions on famous tracks. Compete with real players around the world. Feel the realistic physics of simulator of the new generation, which has received fresh improvements and further development in the game.Enjoy an advanced styling and technical tuning system.

Real drift competitions come to Cyber Sport!


NEXT GEN physics for the most realistic and accurate drift

Real-time multiplayer with unique TryTime network latency minimization technology for the best tandem drift and online competitions

New photorealistic graphics shaders

A rich sound engine created by a unique technology

VR (Virtual Reality) – full support for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and all other helmets

Support for all steering wheels with detailed feedback

Keyboard and gamepad control

Mouse control

Support for multiple input devices simultaneously

Motion platforms (Motion Simulator) support (original protocol | Sim Tools | GameSTUL)

5760×1080 resolution support for playing on three monitors (Triple Screen)

Widescreen monitors 21: 9, 32: 9 and 48: 9 support as well as full-screen modes and wide windows on standard monitors


Online Competitions in real time with broadcast on YouTube according to the rules and traditions of real events with live judges and commentators!

Global ranking of all pilots of the cybersport world. Promotion up for victories in races. This rating is for qualifying for online competitions. Apply for participation and become a pilot in real drift championship! Judging by the real rules!

Online multiplayer in real time. Train with friends, compete with drift fans around the world. Tandem drift is more convenient than ever!

Race with your own ghost – recording your best ride on the track for the convenience of training

Competition with the best records of other real players

Training – a single race on any track to hone skills or just for fan


Full Steam social support. Invite friends. Meet drift fans from around the world in the game and ride together

View player profiles online, add to friends

Teams. Create your own team, recruit pilots and compete with other teams / DEVELOPMENT /

Global game chat

Game room chat / competition lobby chat


16 new cars are available immediately when purchasing a game without purchasing DLC

High-poly car models of the highest degree of development and quality

Available to use the headlights, alarm and car horn

Japanese, German, Russian and American cars

All the cars appearing in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance to real cars is purely coincidental


Real-life famous tracks of Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Germany and other countries

Several configurations (judicial assignments) for each track

Training bases and drift parks for freestyle drift

All tracks are available immediately when purchasing a game


Choose the time of day and weather. Different air and asphalt temperatures affect engine performance and tire grip.Different lighting and atmosphere on the tracks


A unique physical simulation of the tires of the car feels like reality

Absolutely new physics based on nVidia Physics technology guarantees the definition of physical processes

Improving and tuning the engine / choosing ECU control program / limiting the maximum power for maximum tire friction

Improved suspension and steering for eversion of the front wheels

Understatement and adjustment of the suspension / wheel alignment / gathering & camber

Strengthening body rigidity

Clutch and transmission / acceleration of gearshift time / reduction of transmission inertia

Reducing the weight of the car due to the installation of lightweight parts and the removal of unnecessary elements for better control in the drift

Tire selection and pressure settings in them separately for the front and rear wheels

Swap engine with changing characteristics and sound. 10 legendary engines

All installed parts have their own weight, which affects the overall weight of the car


Create a unique design for your car

Expanded system of vinyls, layers, materials and colors with new features

100 layers and more than 840 unique vinyls for application to the car

60 different HIGH-DETAILED wheels available


Player profiles are stored on Steam Cloud. Damage or disappearance of profiles is excluded. You can play on any computer from anywhere in the world, change the computer and reinstall the OS


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