ASHES OF THE NIGHT: Official Game Direct Free Download


Ashes of the Night takes you on a fantasy adventure- filled with monsters, mayhem, and snarky banter.
Players will enjoy a wide variety of classes that allow them to maximize their gaming experience, along with a large list of gear for those who love
tweaking and tinkering their characters to a specific design.
Much work has been done to bring forth the things we enjoy and avoid the things that we all hate about RPG’s. Minimal farming is required.
This is a story game, which does not concentrate heavily on grinding out mobs, but instead on character development and helping you get
attached to your favorite characters.
Heroes move through a tortured world encountering unique people with their own problems &hardships- a disaster caused by an ego maniac that calls himself “The Master”. The adventure takes place with the goal to put this narcissist to rest.


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